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If you are landscape photographers and you love to shoot in winter and autumn, or in adverse weather conditions, you surely know how important is  hands to be protected.

Heat isolation and free hand movements, are two of the most important things when you want to shoot in winter.

A brilliant solution to this problem arrives from a Norvegian company specialized in the production of photography gloves, Vallerret, that has a simple objective: keep our hands warm, give us the necessary comfort to continue shooting, even the adverse conditions.

Vallerret Photography Gloves, produces and distributes various products, specific to the cold conditions we face:

  • Light Winter *
  • Mild Winter **
  • Mid Winter ***
  • Deep Winter ****
  • Artic Winter *****

Thanks to Vallerret, in the last months, I had the opportunity to test on field one of their best products: the Ipsoot Gloves, in the category of “Deep Winter”.


One of their important characteristics is definitely the freedom of movement in the use of photographic equipment, without having to pull the glove out of your hand.
Thanks to a small magnet placed at the fingertips, we will have the possibility to extract the thumb and index finger in a easy way and in a few seconds be ready to shoot.

The Ipsoot Gloves are composed internally by a layer of 100% Merino wool, that keep hands warm even in extreme conditions.
The external layer is a combination of goats leather and 2 Ply Twils that form a shell with excellent wind and water protection.
The surface of the palm and the fingers, are covered by a thin texture of rubber which allows you to have the necessary grip to support your camera equipment.

The Ipsoot Gloves on field

The comfort of change the settings on the camera is top-notch and I never had the sensation of being obstructed in my movements.
I certainly feel the absence of protection on the fingertips, but it is in no way comparable to the discomfort of not using gloves. During all the photographic session, the palm and the other fingers stay completely protected.

The really interesting characteristic that I love is the presence of a little space on the back in which you can place a heating insert or the camera’s SD card. You can also find a little Tripod Key inside the compartment.


The overall feeling is protection and comfort. Some small improvements could be made to the small magnets placed at the extremity of the finger that in few occasions have not been strong enough to keep the opening on both fingers.
The overall perception is a product not only well-crafted but also robust because of its high quality of materials.

I was able to test the Ipsoot gloves in various conditions and finally I recommend it for winter climates between about -5°C and 7°C, even in presence of snow and wind.

For this reason, I believe that for landscape photographers like me who loves winter and low temperatures, the Ipsoot Gloves are a must-have accessory in their backpacks.